Lumière du jour is a series of personal images created in Paris over the span of two hours. This was an attempt on my part to do what I love most with photography, to tell a true story as it unfolds in real time. I had never been to Paris before and I didn’t want to waste an opportunity to shoot in the most beautiful city on earth. I had a few free hours on a Sunday morning before traveling to a job by the seaside and figured I’d make the best of it. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to Pascal Dro who was kind enough to show me around the city with a pair of borrowed Mercedes. I used several compact cameras and embraced the freedom that comes without a plan, a permit or expectations.

Many thanks to Pascal for a delicious lunch, arranging the vehicles and French hospitality, Vincent and Laurent for driving us around and last but not least my friend and assistant Gal Harpaz for lugging his Konica Instant Press polaroid camera for behind the scenes photos and moral support. I couldn’t have done it without these guys.