The images above were created as a personal project born out of curiosity and were treated as an experiment. Inspired by bizarre light I wondered if it might be possible to paint a car with a rainbow? The concept was intriguing. I did some small scale tests and built several devices to split the spectrum. Plausibility ensued. Now I just needed a car, preferably something elegant, simple and timeless. As a Porsche fanatic my thoughts went immediately to the earliest model known as the “three-five-six.” So I reached out to Rod Emory, a visionary and world-class car builder whom I came to know in time as a kindred spirit. He was in.

I’d like to thank Rod Emory for being so hospitable and passionate and lending us the beautiful cars which made this vision come to life, Bryan Anton for his enthusiasm and amazing work in the behind the scenes video and Sacha Di Poi for his delicious homemade bread and midas-touch on the c-stands. Without their help, support and coincidentally good timing these images surely wouldn’t exist.